Golden Florall Award for Rosa ‘Green Summer’


On 7 March, the Florall Awards in various categories were presented at the Florall trade fair. The Golden Award in the Variety category went to Rosa ’Green Summer’ by the Belgian firm Meer Plant.

Meer Plant is marketing this rose under the brand name Ceci n’est pas Une Rose. At first sight, this ground-cover plant does not look like a rose; hence the name. According to the jury report, “The cultivar forms an extra dense carpet of glossy green leaves that gives weeds no chance. The small white, fragrant single roses are frequented by bees. In autumn, the small red rose hips provide additional ornamental value. The selection process was based on disease resistance, climate resistance, floriferousness, user friendliness, color brilliance and ground-covering characteristics.

These plants are suited for placement at the front of perennial borders, flower beds and public green spaces, as well as in tabletop pots, both indoors and outdoors. They grow on their own rootballs, thus avoiding wild shoots. Height: 20 – 30 cm – Planting distance: 50 cm. As an added value, this rose looks highly decorative, both indoors and outdoors.”

Rosa ‘Green Summer’.

Silver Award for Distyllium

The Silver Award went to Distyllium ‘Swing Low’ (PIIDIST-VI), marketed by Willy De Nolf under the brand name First Editions. According to the jury, “Distyllium ’Swing Low’ is a low-growing evergreen shrub that makes a perfect sprawling ground cover. Growing only 75 cm tall and 150 cm wide, this cultivar has blue-green leaves, which are densely clustered on the horizontal branches. Like all First Editions Distyllium cultivars, ‘Swing Low’ is a multipurpose plant that can be used in various situations. It is disease and insect resistant and tolerant of pruning. Distyllium deserves more attention because it is a healthy plant that adds value to the garden.”

Distyllium ‘Swing Low’.

Bronze Award for Taxus

The Bronze Award went to Taxus baccata ‘HER2016T02’ (TINY T) by Herplant. Having received an award at the Groot Groen Plus international nursery stock fair, this variety was also nominated for the Florall Awards. It is a very compact Taxus, selected by Herplant, with an upright growth habit and fine, dark green needles. The plant is highly suitable for edging and requires very little maintenance. Additional assets, according to the jury, are the fact that this is an indigenous species as well as its ability to withstand drought.

The winners were selected from a total of 16 submissions.

Taxus baccata ‘HER2016T02’.

Concept category

For Every Garden by tree nursery Kris Stevens won the Concept category. According to the grower, this ornamental grass concept was designed to optimally inform clients, so that they can make their own choices within the broad range of ornamental grasses. Each label includes plant height, the indication ‘Small’, ‘Medium’ or ’Large’ and pictograms to designate evergreen and perennial grasses. The corresponding info board fits on CC-containers as well concept tables. In addition, there are info boards available in smaller sizes and banners reading ‘For Every Garden’. For the jury, this was sufficient to proclaim this the winning concept.

For Every Garden.

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